Why Singapore Math Olympiads ?


Figure out the answers  to the following two questions.

I) What is the next number in the series ?
46,44,42,40,38, ____

II) Few persons are sitting around a circular table. If the 3rd person is sitting exactly opposite to the 9th person, how many total persons are there ?

Let me tell you that both these questions are primary grade Olympiads (grade 2 or grade 3) level questions !
For question-(I), it can be easily deduced by a 2nd or 3rd grader that its back counting minus 2. So the series, 46 , 44 (=46-2), 42 (=44-2), 40 (=42-2), 38 (=40-2), 36 (=38-2). The answer turns out to be 36.
Its Easy  huh !!
Now, for question(II),  a 2nd /3rd grader may proceed by drawing a round table and putting “3” just opposite to “9”. Then the student may forward count from 3 to 9 and check that there are 5 students in between 3 and 9(see figure). Finally , the student may try to fit 5 students on the left side by both forward and back counting and should figure out that there are total 12 persons across the table.

Though a much elder child may easily figure out that the total persons shall be (9-3)x2= 6×2 =12 , we need to understand how a 2nd or 3rd grader may proceed.
We notice that question(II), which is a typical South East Asian/Singapore Olympiad question also tests the concept of forward and back counting, but with a twist.
The Singapore math questions compel students to think beyond school syllabus and in turn increases logical bend of mind in true sense.
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