Why encourage your child to participate in Math Olympiads ?

Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas.
                   — Albert Einstein, German theoretical physicist

Mathematics or Math is beautifully amazing and surprisingly essential in everyone’s life. Our day-to-day life is incomplete without Math. We realize from Math that every problem has a solution.  Math is applied in every field of technology to bring out solutions be it Astrophysics, bio-technology, architectural  design, Computer Programming and the list goes on…..
    Various Mathematical Competitions/Olympiads are math problem solving contests. The problems in these contests are non-routine which are normally not offered in normal school syllabus. The aim of these competitions are to foster child’s interest in leaning mathematics and encourage them to indulge in intellectual pursuits.
   Practicing problems from various from various Mathematical competitions around the world let the students develop their problem solving capability and critical thinking skills.  Students come across some seemingly complex non-routine problems but finally feel thrilled that those can be solved by applying basic concepts. This is the point when the young minds realizes the beauty of mathematics and starts loving the subject. Watching a child falling in love with math is a satisfying experience for a parent and teachers.
    With the growth of Internet, students can participate in most of the international competitions online from the comfort of their home. Regular practice of these problems and participation unfolds the thinking and problem solving capability which in turns gradually prepares the student for exams he/she may appear in future like SAT, IITJEE, NEET, CAT, GMAT etc. Learning math helps the student to apprehend and solve the problems of Physics in a enjoyable way. A child good in Math may be encouraged to learn computer programming and algorithms, more specifically “Competitive Programming”.
   We understand that there are good number of reasons to solve non-routine complex problems and participate in various Mathematical Competitions around the world , which is now possible through Internet.  Let us now check some of the most common and some very challenging Math competitions, that children may be encouraged to practice and participate. Click for the list of various Mathematical Olympiads.

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