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Hello dear parents, we are a lot like you as we are also parents.
   After our elder kid got into class-2, we found passion in juggling with various Math Competitions around the Globe, so as to provide him a solid foundation in Mathematics.
 My partner cum husband , who fortunately being an IITians, used to prepare replicas of the questions of these competitions and lovingly called them “Papa’s Olympiads” and let our kid solve those. The regular practice of these questions brought a drastic mathematical upgradation in my kid. He successfully displayed some great results not only in popular  Indian Math Competitions like SOF IMO, NSTSE, Unified Council’s UCO but also in Global Math Competitions like SASMO, SEAMO,AIMO,HKIMO and TIMO.  These competitions are crucial in empowering young minds to think and reason logically , which definitely helps in future.
  As a Web-developer and a home maker myself , I thought of a website where I may put these replicas of these “Papa’s Olympiads” in the form of Online-Timed Mock Tests for other parents to get benefitted and decodemonk.com resulted.  These mock tests truly mimics the real exam and may be taken any-time any-where and any number of times. Fortunately,  now we are a team of enriched tutors creating Mock tests.
     We do not wish to tutor your child; as their teachers are great at that job. So, while conceptual learning of math is covered by school or tutor , we help the student to test their preparation levels for various Math Competitions by providing exhaustive Mock Tests. You need not worry about the approach , as we have explanatory solutions.
We urge you to develop their ability to derive pleasure and satisfaction through solving beautiful Mathematical problems. Help you child to understand that Math is not a scary discipline.
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Thanks and Regards.
Arpita Das
DecodeMonk Team