Math Olympiads- for the Real Champs

Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas.
                   — Albert Einstein, German theoretical physicist

It is rightly said by Russian mathematicians that “Mathematics is the gymnasium of the brains“.
The problems in the Mathematics Olympiads of Singapore, Thailand, Hong-Kong, China  are amusingly tricky which help to bring out the best in the students’ thinking skills and creative imagination. The regular practice of the problems, stimulate them to think outside the box and devise their own methods in problem -solving. It is suggested to appear in these exams, which are now getting popular  and  some of them may be contested online.To know more about, how to appear in these Exams you may visit Global Olympiads Academy.
Practicing questions of these Olympiads from primary level, gradually prepares students for the REAL Mathematical Olympiads which in India is primarily is Pre-RMO leading step-wise to RMO, INMO and finally to IMO. For detail about these REAL Olympiads Click Here.
It is suggested to possess the following books for an early start :-

The books by Terry Chew, the Singaporean Mathematician can be called the “REAL GEMs for the school students.
1) SAP Maths Olympiad Beginner-Ideal for grades 3, 4 and 5 (aged 9-10 years old)
2) SAP Maths Olympiad Intermediate-– Ideal for grades 4, 5 and 6 (aged 10-12 years old )
3) SAP Maths Olympiad Advanced – Ideal for grades 6, 7, 8 and 9 (aged 11-14 years old )

The books for the REAL Olympiads (Pre-RMO,RMO, INMO and finally IMO).
1) Indian National Mathematics Olympiad 2020 -With Solved RMO and INMO(2016-2019)questions
2) Challenge and Thrill of Pre-College Mathematics– Must Have for all aspiring Math Olympian
3) Problem Primer For The Pre Regional Mathematical Olympiad– The book for the very 1st steps ,Pre-RMO and RMO.