Free Mock Test for Class-3

Mock Test-1

Try the sample Question paper typically in the pattern of Olympiads
The practice helps in preparation for  SOF IMO,SilverZone, NSTSE and UCO.

    Please note that:
  • 1) There is NO negative marking, so try to answer as much questions as possible.
  • 2) Use of Calculator is NOT permitted.
  • 3) There is only ONE correct option.
  • 4) The question paper will be automatically submitted after the prescribed time. Keep a watch on the timer shown above the question.So, SPEED and ACCURACY,both are needed to get through the exam.
Want more mock tests to practice ? Consider buying the Mock tests pack.
  • The tests give you a feel of the real tests.
  • There are explanations for the harder questions, at the end of each mock-test.
  • You may go through free video classes for this course at FREE VIDEO LECTURES-CLASS 3.
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Math Olympiads, Class-3

Math Olympiads, Class-3

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Recommended Books

The first book in the series “Unleash The Maths Olympian in You” by Terry Chew, The father of Singapore Math Olympiads.Terry Chew B.Sc. is the first author in Singapore to publish a Maths Olympiad workbook series since 2007.The series ‘Unleash the Maths Olympian in You!’ is still being used as the Gold-Standard across Southeast Asia today. Must read and digested well if really serious about the actual Olympiads. It imbibes a sense of logical thinking and prepares gradually for higher level, REAL Olympiads. The problems are challenging and not the ones we find in school or any other book. Click to buy.

The book is designed to check and improve the mathematical ability, logical Reasoning skills, visual/perceptual skills and pattern recognition skills of the students in accordance with their age. The book contains a collection of math IQ questions in Chapter-wise topic wise format. Solving these questions will encourage logical and creative thinking in the learner’s mind and promote his/her ability to observe, classify, recognize, compare and make deductions. These books caters to the need of students preparing for international/national/State level IQ tests, psychometric tests, IMO and other Olympiads/ talent Search exams. Click to buy .

India’s top selling series. Excellent source of important concepts and objective questions for Mathematics Olympiads/NTSE/NSTSE /SLSTSE. Scholarship Tests and other National and State competitive examinations. Fundamental concepts are thoroughly revised. Exhaustive range of questions that stimulate and test the student’s knowledge. Application/Skill/Knowledge/Understanding oriented questions. Solutions and explanations for challenging questions. Solutions and explanations are provided for selected questions. Suitable for various Olympiads and talent exams like International Maths Olympiads, National Maths Olympiad, State Maths Olympiads. Click to Buy.


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