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Class-4, World Mathematics Competitions

The problems in the Mathematics Olympiads of Singapore, Thailand, Hong-Kong, China,Russia  are amusingly tricky which help to bring out the best in the students’ thinking skills and creative imagination. The regular practice of the problems, stimulate them to think outside the box and devise their own methods in problem -solving. It is suggested to appear in these exams, which are now getting popular  and  most of them may be contested online.
Practicing questions of these Olympiads from primary level, gradually prepare students for the REAL International Mathematical Olympiad, IMO and definitely gives an edge.
The mock tests consists of typical questions being asked in REAL International Olympiads like SASMO, AIMO, WMI, HKIMO, ISMC , RSM IMC .
There are explanations for the answers after your submission of the Mock tests, so that you can learn to approach the problems while you solve.