Class-3, Math Olympiads

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<ul style=”list-style-type: square;”>
<li>Number of questions: 10<br>Full Marks :10 (10 ques × 1 mark each)</li>
<li>No Negative Marking, so attempt all questions.<br>Time Limit: 22 minutes</li>
<li>Attempt limits:Unlimited ( that means you will attempt this test as many times you want)</li>
<li>You have to choose the right option according to you and navigate to the next question by clicking the next button.</li>
<li>You may navigate back and forth to any question and change your option, before your final submission.</li>
<li>Check “Quiz Summary” for your attempted questions and finally click “Finish Quiz” to submit.</li>
<li>The quiz will get automatically submitted after the allotted time.</li>
<li>After your submission , you will be able view your result.</li>
<li>You may click “View Explanations” to check where you have gone wrong.</li></ul><br>

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